Beacon Health at a Glance

Beacon Health is located 797 Wilson Street in Brewer, Maine however, we have employees across our statewide network embedded in practices and supporting the highest quality patient care. As the population health member of EMHS, Beacon Health is partnering with patients, providers, employees, businesses, and payers to transform the delivery of healthcare.
Beacon Health is a leader in merging data analytics with clinical care.  We’re here to  support comprehensive and proactive care across our statewide network of partners, as together we move away from the fee-for-service payment model to an approach that rewards patient outcomes and engagement with a focus on quality, efficiency, and population health. Beacon Health has the demonstrated leadership, experience, and innovation needed to help navigate the waters of change. We are dedicated to helping our communities and patients live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.
Leadership: Beacon Health is one of 45 Medicare Next Generation Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) in the country. Prior to this program we were one of 32 original Pioneer ACOs and delivering the second highest quality in the country. Our team is at the forefront of healthcare transformation and we’re leading the charge.
Experience: Beacon Health has documented results of cost savings while improving the quality of care and quality of life for our patients. We began with 9,000 patients benefiting from our model of care and we now have more than 125,000 and growing every day. We are proud to be the largest statewide accountable care network in Maine.
Innovation: Being able to provide employers and providers with real-time data can result in genuine improvements. We were the first provider driven care coordination program in the US that received national accreditation through National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). More than 50 providers, care coordinators, practice managers, and clinical data analytic experts attend monthly performance improvement meetings to collectively discuss and implement the highest standards of care across the Beacon Health network.
  • Patient and family engagement
  • Nurse care coordinator embedded in the practices
  • Patient self-management education
  • Informed decision making
  • Coordinated chronic disease and preventative care
  • Seamless care for those in hospitals or long-term and skilled nursing facilities