How to Keep the Spirit of the New Year with You, All Year!


As the New Year begins, many of us, me included, experience a new renewed spirit to improve and enrich our lives.  We set goals with enthusiasm and vigor in hopes of reaching them (sooner rather than later). Many times we find inspiration in other people’s success stories. We can use their inspiration to motivate and guide our own work. That’s why I’m dedicating this blog to my friend Bob. He set S.M.A.R.T goals (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, time-bound) and continues to work towards them with persistence, practice, and patience.  What can you learn from his approach to help keep your spark throughout 2017?  

Bob was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Rather than feel defeated, Bob decided to take back his health and life. He did so by finding his own groove, taking small steps and collectively making some Big Changes …

Celebrate Bob’s approach to  becoming healthier in unexpected ways
  • My goal was to get healthier, by making sure my blood pressure and cholesterol were in the ideal target range. 
  • I recognize that changing my diet and paying attention to how much exercise would provide great benefits to my health.
  • I changed my mindset of  “I can’t”  to a  “Can Do” mindset to become healthier today.
  • I put away the scale.
  • I learned to respect my body’s needs and found healthier ways to meet them.
  • I am learning to view my own health management not as failures but, as challenges that may be successfully overcome with the right approach.
  • Personal change is more about strategy rather than psychology.
  • Now I see that my increased health is measured not just in lab reports or pounds dropped from the scale; my health is also measured in what I do.
  • Although there’s room for improvements, I have made significant and specific changes.
  •  Monday – Friday I walk for 30 mins., eat fewer processed carbs, eat more whole grains and eat out less.
  • I failed so badly to make the big, immediate lifestyle changes I felt were expected of me when I was diagnosed; I now give myself credit for the small changes I’ve made.
  • I have many more lifestyle changes to make and some even to revisit – but, I have a  “Can Do” attitude every day.
What I learned:
All of the small changes, taken together, have become AWESOME !