Andy VanEss

Meet Andy, Northern Light Beacon Health Wellness Program manager. Andy joined our team in 2016, his passion for helping others meet their goals is evident when you meet him. Andy knows the struggles of staying healthy, he'll be the first to tell you he  hasn’t always been a leader of health. “Back in 2011, I participated in a wellness screening - the rusults were not good – turns out my lifestyle of poor choices finally caught up with me. I was talking the talk in my professional life, but I wasn’t walking the walk in my person life. I had to change."

Over the course of a year, Andy lost 110 pounds by incorporating healthy changes into his life. “To me a big part of promoting wellness is being authentic, honest, and leading my example. My own personal wellness journey helps me connect with the people I work with and it fuels my passion to help others”.

Andy enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family, and doing obstacle course races. “I like adventure and trying new things. I do triathlons, Tough Mudders, and hike parts of the Appalachian Trail.”

“To me wellness is a never ending journey. It's a commitment towards discovering balance in our life while enjoying good food, awesome adventures, and creating memories with the ones you love.”

 “I’m proud of the work we’re supporting at Beacon Health. I feel honored to be a part of your wellness team!”