Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Meet Jennifer!  A Wellness Coordinator for Northern Light Beacon Health.  She joined the team  in the fall of 2013, and has been guiding people toward their wellness visions through goal setting and collaboration.

Jennifer is an early riser.  A habit she began back in college.  She rises before the sun, between four and four thirty, to get in an energizing workout.  “It’s harder in the winter, but I feel better when I exercise in the morning!”   Sometimes finding energy and motivation can be a challenge.  But Jen values her health and her family, and wants to be a good role model.  “Wellness is important and I am passionate about it.  I try to be a good role model for my family and friends by practicing wellness in my everyday activities.”  Being a good role model means living up to her personal standards of wellness.  For Jennifer,  that includes all aspects of life, like getting enough sleep, managing stress, and balancing work lifeit can be more than improving your diet and exercise.  It can be working toward achieving any and all aspects of wellness.  For example, finding balance between a busy work schedule, and life outside of work. 

Jennifer enjoys being active, “exercising and eating good food give me energy.” She enjoys exercising most days of the week.  She likes hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, recreational field hockey, basketball, and softball.  She also enjoys keeping up with her three young Labrador Retrievers!   Her supportive husband and family encourage her to achieve her personal goals.  In September, she ran a half marathon, and although the training was difficult her support system kept her going!  “Support is big for me, but everyone is different.  Everyone has their own motivators to achieve their goals.”

Jennifer believes that a positive attitude plays a huge role in wellness.  “For me, I can never be at my best self because I can always be better.”  She believes that getting to your best self means arriving at a point where you’re happy.