Kevin Dunton

Meet Kevin, a Wellness Coordinator and passionate team member of Northern Light Beacon Health.

Kevin values his family and his two young sons, his friends, health and fitness, and his job.  He even has  his own home gym.  Easy access to his personal workout space means that Kevin can fit in an exercise routine right when he gets home.  But working out in the gym is not the only physical activity Kevin enjoys.  He bikes locally at Bangor’s City Forest.  In the summer, being out on the water is big for him and his family.  He takes his two boys boating, fishing, and tubing.  Fitness is an important part of Kevin’s wellness vision, and he incorporates it into spending time with his family.

When Kevin is faced with an obstacle, he tries to connect with what motivates him, like his family, work, and his clients.  “My clients give me energy, when I watch them reach their goals and see them succeed.”  Kevin is passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals.  In addition to being a wellness coordinator, he has been certified as a personal trainer for the past 12 years.  He says that wellness coaching is much different than personal training because it is more than just improving fitness, It encompasses all aspects of health.  Kevin appreciates the success and achievement in his clients when they realize that their goals can be accomplished!