Shaunda Neptune

Shaunda is a registered dietitian with her Master’s from University of Maine and a certified Health and Wellness Coach.  She joined our team in May 2017 bringing enthusiasm and excitement and added an area of expertise with her background in nutrition.  Shaunda is passionate about her career, family, running, and of course food!  (She always has snacks in her purse just in case of an emergency).   In the winter, you’ll find Shaunda snowboarding at Sugarloaf, snowmobiling up north, or trying out new recipes in the kitchen.  In the summer, you will find her hiking, camping, running, biking, or white water rafting. 
Shaunda’s vision of wellness is balancing a healthy lifestyle with the everyday stressors of work and family.  “Life gets really chaotic at times and I have to remind myself that not every day will be perfect.  I won’t always be able to schedule in a full workout, but it’s about making small lifestyle changes and incorporating physical activity whenever I can, that help me stay positive, energetic, and healthy.”