Lynn DeGrenier

Lynn is a part of Northern Light Beacon Health team as a Wellness Coordinator. Her vision for balanced health and wellness brings inspiration to the team.

“Exercise is a medicine, it’s mental health as well as physical.”  Lynn has always been health conscious, so she finds a way to “make it work, because then you feel better.”  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Lynn participates in a fitness boot camp.  “It encourages me to do exercises I wouldn’t normally do, it pushes me to work harder.” 

Lynn values her family, her health, and balance in her life. “My wellness vision is to stay active with my family and to have a good quality of life.”  She loves kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and biking.  “I love kayaking, it’s so peaceful.” Lynn makes wellness and physical activity a part of her life.  It takes a lot of planning, but she makes it happen because it’s “too easy to let yourself go.”  Lynn prepares a lunch to bring to work each day.  “Everyone laughs because my lunch bag is so big,” she says, but by planning ahead, Lynn can bring healthy foods to snack on throughout the day.  She says that if she didn’t bring her own healthy foods, unhealthy foods would become more tempting.

Lynn stresses that it’s important to her to maintain her friendships and to make time for her friends.  Life is busy, but to Lynn, time for friends and family should not be sacrificed.  She also expresses the importance of giving back to the community through volunteering.  She is involved with the Orono Bog Boardwalk and Safe Medicine Disposal.  Lynn finds a balance between all aspects of her life and strives for optimal wellness.

As a wellness coach, Lynn’s goal is to “educate and encourage individuals to make voluntary, well-informed choices to improve their quality of life -to me, being a wellness coach is very exciting because life is busy, we have children, jobs, and activities, and I love saying, ‘this is all about you.’  I am their biggest cheerleader.”