National Cranberry Day November 23rd


Add Some Extra Cranberries to your Thanksgiving Plate – Your Body will Thank you!
          National Cranberry Day November 23rd Cranberry.jpg
What would a traditional American Thanksgiving meal be without cranberry sauce?!  The bright red color is a beautiful compliment to any table – but these little red berries offer so much more than that! Ps, they help with digestion, so you may want to eat some during your holiday meal.
Maine’s cranberry industry is starting to grow again with 30 commercial farms mostly in Washington County. The majority of cranberries are processed into products like juice, sauce, jam or dried. In order to make the white cranberry juice, the ripe cranberry is prematurely harvested before it obtains its red color.
Here’s the piece I’m most excited about, much like our Maine blueberries, raw cranberries have been declared a “super fruit”! Cranberries are rich in nutrient content and antioxidant qualities. Here’s the proof…  one cup of fresh cranberries includes 46 calories, 18 percent of daily fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, with vitamin E, vitamin K, pantothenic acid, and copper. Wow! Cranberries contain very important nutrients that provide our body with a variety of health benefits. Try adding some fresh cranberries into your smoothie! Hey look an easy recipe.
Cranberry Benefits:
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Could provide anti-aging properties
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Decrease risk of urinary tract infection
  • Detoxes enzymes and kills tumor cells
  • Digestive tract and digestion aiding enzymes
  • Helps prevent gum disease from plaque
  • Helps prevent stomach disorders and ulcers
  • Helps prevent certain types of cancers of the breast, colon, lung, and prostate
  • Immune support providing free radicals
  • Provides kidney stone relief
Cranberry Smoothie:
  • 1 Cup almond or coconut milk
  • 1 Banana
  • ½ Cup frozen mixed berries
  • ½ Cup fresh cranberries


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