Noooooooooo not the Bread aisle!


Well, I’m here to tell you that, it’s time to get over your fear of carbs and breads and get back in the bread aisle – it’s for your own good.
I understand that the bread aisle, in any grocery store, can be quite daunting even annoying to navigate. Shelf upon shelf, options galore.  You have your throw back favorites like; Wonder Bread and potato rolls and now new trendy standards like; naan, wraps, bagel flats, no crust, loaded seeds, flaxseed flats and even “killer breads”.  With so many options and hard to read ingredient labels, how do you make the healthiest choice for you and your family or is it one of the reasons you avoid the aisle altogether? 
The truth is there's no need to fear this carb. Bread can be an incredibly nutritious addition to your diet. You just need to arm yourself with the facts before you brave the bread aisle! "
Top 10 Cheat Sheet to Help You Conquer the Bread Aisle:
  1. Bread provides healthy nutrition
  2. 100% Whole Grain: This includes the endosperm, germ, and bran, which provides fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals for your body
  3. Pick a bread with a100% Whole Grain Stamp
  4. Look for16 grams of whole grains per serving
  5. Put back; breads that contain additives, partially hydrogenated oils, and trans fats
  6. Look for ingredients on the label you can actually identify and pronounce.
  7. Three grams of fiber or more per slice
  8. Shoot for 25 grams of fiber per day: Fiber is crucial to your diet. It helps keep you full, encourages healthy bowel movements, and improves gut health
  9. At least half your daily grains should be whole grains
  10.   Enjoy healthy and nutritious breads