Wellness Services Network

Employee FAQ Sheet

Beacon Health is the population health member of EMHS. Beacon Health is a statewide high value network focused on transforming healthcare to meet the needs of our patients and communities all while reducing costs. Beacon Health facilitates care improvement efforts under the Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program with nearly 20,000 Medicare patients, as well as commercial patients covering more than 70,000 people, including EMHS employees and their dependents on the EMHS  Health Plan.
The Beacon Health Wellness Network is a list of preferred wellness services across Maine that are available to EMHS Health Plan Members and their spouses/domestic partners, and other EMHS employees. The Beacon Health Wellness Network services include: fitness centers, personal trainers, massage therapists, yoga studios and more. We are adding wellness services all the time, so be sure to come back often!

The Wellness Network is searchable on this this page through a sortable Excel listing.
EMHS and Beacon Health wish to make it easy for our employees to engage in activities that contribute to overall health and wellness. We have sought out specialty health services that will work with us on providing unique health and wellness opprotunities to our members.
This network can be accessed easily by consulting the downloadable Wellness Network listing on our website, by using the Wellness Services Search (both found on the left handside navigation tool on this page). You can schedule services and pay reasonable rates for these services directly to the wellness provider.
Most likely. Your member organization’s Total Health team will be able to schedule many of these providers to come onsite as best suits local needs.
Utilizing these services on work time will be at the discretion of your manager.
Yes! All EMHS employees and their spouses are able to access the network.
Most likely. Please check with your local Total Health representative around policies at your Member Organization.
No. Beacon Health is a separate organization and will not share personally identifiable data with any employer or HR department. Beacon Health will collect population (blinded) information from our wellness services network to better understand how frequently each service is being used. This information will help us identify wellness network needs and future areas of growth.
The cost of service depends on the provider you are seeing. Generally, fitness centers offer reduced price package deals while other service providers generally offer a 10% discount to EMHS employees, you just need to mention Beacon Health when you sign up or make an appointment.

Beacon Health work with each service provider to establish reasonable and affordable prices for  EMHS employees and their spouses. For more information on prices or rates please check out the listing found on the left hand navigation on this page.
You can find all contact information listed on the Wellness Services Network search page. 
Yes. By filling out a service request form on, found on the leftside navigation on this page, you are able to request your preferred service(s) to be included on the Beacon Health Wellness Network.
For more information please visit Wellness Services