Gerry Blodgett

Gerry Blodgett is truly one of a kind; his personality barely fits inside his six foot four inch frame. Folks from all over Maine and beyond know him as Gerry B or the Moose Whisperer.  “I’m a modern day Daniel Boone!” he exclaims.

Gerry loves to hunt, fish, trap, and take visitors on moose safaris deep into the Maine woods. “I have yet to disappoint – we always see moose.” He tans hides, makes knives, tomahawks, even jewelry, and he’s also a preacher. Gerry does whatever it takes to support his family. “I’m just a simple guy who wants to help people and live peacefully on my two acres with my wife of 36 years.” 

He’s a rugged man that can be as gentle and docile as a kitten, but if he or someone he loves is provoked he can be as mean as a grizzly bear. Gerry grew up the son of a Skowhegan farmer and at nearly 58 years old he has more stories than one afternoon can hold.

 “I don’t like the grass growing under my feet. I like to stay busy.”  He gets emotional when he talks about his health. Heart disease and diabetes runs in his family, but with all the other struggles in life, Gerry wasn’t paying attention to some of the changes taking place with his body. It turns out that Gerry had been battling diabetes for years and it was starting to get the best of him.

When Gerry was diagnosed, his blood sugars were regularly in the five and six hundreds. He was depressed, exhausted, and barely able to function. That’s when his provider John Garofalo, MD at Inland’s New Horizons in North Anson asked him if he wanted some help. “Diabetes is really hard to understand, I just couldn’t get my head around it.” Now, he doesn’t have to figure it out on his own. Inland primary care practices have added a new member to their healthcare team - a nurse, who will help patients learn how to manage their chronic disease. “We have time to spend with patients, to get to know them, and how they learn and we can tailor their care plan so that they can succeed,” shares Doreen McKenna, RN.

Doreen started working with Gerry in October of 2011 and the two quickly developed a connection. “No one has ever really helped me like Doreen – I feel like someone is fighting for me and with me.” Doreen and Gerry talk once a week or more if necessary. They work on creating new habits like testing blood sugars and talking about carbs, diet, and exercise. “You have the time to develop a meaningful relationship with your patients and you can figure out how they learn best. I explained his diabetes in a way that clicked,” explains Doreen. She is having great success with her patients – her 20 years of nursing experience is proving invaluable. “I love this – its working and people are feeling so much better.”

Gerry is living proof that having someone help patients with their chronic disease in between doctor visits can make a big difference. In just three months, Gerry has lost 70 pounds and his A1Cs went from 12.3 to 9.5. “I can move better and faster; this is the most positive I have been about my health and my future in a really long time.”