Inland Farmers Market

It’s the Next Best Thing to Growing Your Own!

Every Tuesday afternoon around three, you’ll see pockets of Inland employees start heading outside towards the Human Resource parking lot. A white tent is set up with crates full of just picked fruits and vegetables from South Paw Farm in Unity. The rich colors and aroma of fresh mint and dill are enough to make you hungry!

“By far, our farmer’s market is having the most affect on the most employees – it’s a win-win situation,” smiles Beth Clifford, nurse and health and wellness coordinator at Inland Hospital.

Community supported agriculture is helping to get healthy food on the tables of local Mainers, and Beth thought it would be a great compliment to the work she does to promote a healthy life style among her coworkers. She was taken aback at the response when more than 45 employees signed up and prepaid for locally grown organic produce and countless others pay as they go. “In my 35 years of nursing, this is my single greatest accomplishment.”

Beth is hoping this hospital supported “market” will grow throughout EMHS and our communities. It’s an easy way to give folks quick and easy access to healthy food while also supporting our neighbors.