Jennilyn Ogilivi

Teamwork is the Difference…

Helping people access the right care, at the right time, and place is the primary way EMHS is making a difference for thousands of Mainers. Jennilyn Ogilivi is proof that house calls are sometimes in order. She used to be considered a high user of emergency department services. After her provider Erik Brown, MD, at EMMC’s Center for Family Medicine asked the Community Care Team to step in, she hasn’t been back to the emergency once.

On average, Jennilyn was going to the emergency department at least once a week, even with daily contact with her nurse care coordinator. That changed after she met Alison Ashley a licensed clinical social worker. “I got to spend time with Jennilyn in her home and talk about what triggers were happening that made her think she needed emergency medical care,” Explains Alison.

Both Jennilyn and Alison spoke daily for a while. Alison would help her talk through what she was feeling when Jennilyn was getting short of breathe. With time and conversation Jennilyn was able to get the root of her anxiety and work through her feelings at home rather than in the emergency department. Alison also encouraged Jennilyn to exercise more and pay more attention to what she was eating. Now, thanks to this difference in care, Jennilyn has learned the difference between anxiety and a real medical emergency. She also knows that when she is struggling to determine if something is an emergency that Alison is just a phone call away. “I like going for walks in the park and taking bus around town to the library, it’s better than spending my day worrying,” shares Jennilyn.