Judy Hennessey

Building a Healthy, Happy, and Productive Workforce… One Employee at a Time

Judy Hennessey knew she was overweight and that her quality of life was suffering, but she didn’t know where to start to turn things around. That changed in January of 2013 when EMHS enhanced their employee health plan and added health coaching. “Health coaching is a HUGE help. I lost 30 pounds and went from having seven health risks down to three,” smiles Judy.

Judy is one of hundreds of EMHS employees now taking advantage of this new feature to the EMHS health plan. EMHS’s Eastern Maine Medical Center provides this service to our other member organization. A health coach visits each location once a week to work face to face with our employees.

“When people hear wellness coaching they think it’s just diet and exercise, but it’s much more, it’s about stress and work life balance,” shares Kevin Dunton, EMMC health educator and wellness coach. “We help people set goals around whatever they need to feel more complete and to make their life rewarding.”

Health coaching was pivotal for Judy to embark on some big changes that would not only help her now, but set her up for a better and healthier future. “I was a health educator in the past. So, I knew what I needed to be doing, but wasn't doing it. I needed someone to keep me accountable.”

Through wellness coaching, the coach asks the employee to identify four areas in their life they’d like to focus on. Judy chose diet, exercise, stress, and procrastination as her four areas that she wanted to work on.

Together, over the course of four months, Kevin  helped Judy zone in on ways to eat better, start an exercise routine, cut down on stress, and get some projects off her plate that had been haunting her. “I am so thankful this benefit is a part of my employee plan, otherwise I wouldn’t be here and feel this good,” smiles Judy.. “I am proof you can achieve work and life balance.”

So far, Judy has hiked a mountain while on vacation in Colorado, which is something she wouldn’t have done a year ago. She has also checked off a few nagging projects from her to do list, learned how to prepare meals, and grocery shop better. Now,  she has also set a goal to run her first 5K before the year is up! “I never imagined how health coaching would change my life for the better. I’d encourage all employees to consider taking advantage of this benefit it really can make a lasting difference in your quality of life.”

Photo Kevin Dunton, EMMC Health Educator and Wellness Coach, and Judy Hennessey, manager LiveSafe. Judy Hennessey and Kelly Tuttle, TAMC operator, walk the groomed trails behind the hospital, which is something they plan on continuing even after the snow falls.

Possible pull out quote of Health Coach Kevin Dunton
“Every client is different. My job is to help them set smart obtainable goals. We work together to see what will work best for them. It’s pretty remarkable what is happening!”