TAMC Community Paramedicine

Paramedics - Blazing a New Path in Patient Care

Did you know Maine is one of only three states in the country to pilot a community paramedine program? What is that, you ask? “It’s a new and innovative service that allows paramedics to serve our community above and beyond emergencies,” shares Ben Everett, AAS, CCEMTP, supervisor TAMC Crown Ambulance Service.

With this new program, trained healthcare providers and specialty trained paramedics, step in to help folks get access to the right healthcare or support services they need to stay out of the hospital or emergency departments. For example, David Burtchell, of Presque Isle, has been recently in and out of TAMC’s emergency department multiple times. This trend prompted an inpatient care manager to call Ben to set up a time to visit Mr. Burtchell in his home.

“His primary care team wanted to see what was going on in the home, and if Mr. Burtchell was safe or if he needed some added support to stay healthy,” explains Ben.

Thanks to this new pilot, David Burtchell is….

Through this pilot program, newly trained paramedics at TAMC are facilitating the outreach in their communities.  Ben says,“ When a patient is identified, we’ll go and see if we can identify what the triggers are that make some folks access the emergency department rather than a primary care provider.”

The paramedicine program is designed to be an extension of the primary care practices. Often times the paramedics know the patients well because they’ve transported them to the hospital.  “We're filling a need for specific members of our community,” explains Ben. “We assess their living conditions, take vital signs, and do medication reconciliation. We collect data so that the primary care providers and nurse care coordinators can build a care plan that will work.”