The Difference In Care - EMHS Beacon Health

Beacon Health is aptly named a pioneer–blazing new trails is a daily occurrence! Just four years into our healthcare delivery transformation and wow are we making progress. As with any change, having the right people at the table is critical. Since we first began this journey, we knew a shift in the culture of how we engaged our providers, frontline staff, patients, and community was an essential component. Developing a forum for those delivering care to work together on how to make things better, more meaningful, and of the highest quality was at the core of our work. Before we knew it, dramatic changes were underway. Providing leadership, structure, and expertise, Beacon Health is able to support standardizing care across the network through collaborative performance improvement, powered by real-time data and teamwork. The results to date have been nothing short of inspiring. Our patients tell us they are feeling healthier; our providers tell us they are able to deliver more personalized care–and that care standard is improving the quality of their patients’ lives. Beacon Health is proving when you have the passion and commitment to make things better, nothing is impossible.