The EMHS Difference in Care, 2014

The EMHS family includes eight hospitals, numerous physician practices, long-term care facilities, home health and hospice, and ground and air emergency transport. As a top-performing Pioneer Accountable Care Organization (ACO), EMHS has a proven record of quality outcomes, cost reduction, and highly engaged patients. Our statewide network of care is tailored to the needs of community and patient to ensure the people of Maine have the care they need close to home. Our roots trace back to the first doctors who delivered care in our state. EMHS remains committed to supporting the health of all those who walk through our doors, whether in person or virtually.

What does access mean to you?Michelle-Hood.gif

“Ensuring the people of Maine have access to quality healthcare no matter where in the state they are located. To someone with diabetes, access can mean a care coordinator to help manage their blood sugar; to a parent with a sick child, access can mean a pediatrician who returns a call in the middle of the night; and to someone in very rural Maine, topnotch care via telehealth is welcome access.”
M. Michelle Hood, FACHE
EMHS President and CEO