Tim Brophy

We Can Feel a Difference in Our Home… There’s More Joy

The Brophy family of Deer Isle knows a thing or two about hard work and living paycheck to paycheck. They also know the importance of family and taking care of one another. Staying healthy and able to work is the only way to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, that’s why the entire Brophy family gets their healthcare at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital’s Island Family Medicine and have since the day it opened. “Without this primary care practice in our community it would be a real burden to get the care my family needs, when we need it,” shares Tim Brophy.

Tim works on the docks unloading lobsters for the Stonington Coop. It’s hard work with days that can be 12 to 15 hours long; he stays until the last boat comes in. “It’s worth it so that my two sons have a home and what they need.” Three years ago, when Tim got full custody of his boys, he became more dependent on his parents to help raise them. All the changes made the Brophy home very unsettled. “My oldest son, Trace, was having anger issues and it was affecting our home and his school.” He was relieved when his provider walked them down the hall and introduced them to someone who could help.

“When I can personally introduce them to Helen Deuschle, a licensed clinical social worker, it makes all the difference in whether most of patients get the support they need,” explains Charles Zelnick, MD. This added benefit is making a world of difference not just for the Brophy family but for many of patients the practice serves. “I like Helen, she’s easy to talk to and she listens to me,” smiles Trace. The two of them meet weekly to draw, talk, or play. The difference in Trace is astounding.

“Since Helen came into our lives our home has become more peaceful and more loving,” shares Tim. Had this service not been available so close to home, Tim admits it would have been a real struggle financially and physically to get his son the help he desperately needed. “Trace has learned better coping techniques when he gets angry; now he walks away. He’s doing much better in school and our family is much calmer.”