Andy VanEss

Life is a rollercoaster ride, sometimes you can anticipate the twist and turns and sometimes they can take you completely off guard. That’s why I see wellness as a nimble flexible goal that can meet us where we are and help us keep our eye on our prize. (Who doesn’t want to live their best life?!)


A few years ago my health and wellness were no longer on track. It was hard to face the reality of unhealthy choices year over year during my graduate school days. I won’t forget seeing the numbers I received during my biometric screening – my poor lifestyle choices finally caught up to me.


I know firsthand the daily commitment it takes to make myself a priority. It took me a year to lose the 110 pounds I gained. But that year taught me very valuable lessons about motivation, passion, and setting reasonable goals. Those are the cornerstones of our programs at Beacon Health.

Our wellness team is diverse and brings a wealth of experiences to best support people achieving goals and finding a healthy and meaningful balance to life. It can be done; we all just need some support and guidance from time to time to find a new perspective and path to a better healthier life.

For me, wellness is a never ending journey. It’s finding a balance in life where I can still enjoy good food, awesome adventures, and creating memories with the ones I love.