Danielle Reardon

I believe the root of a happy and successful life begins and ends with health and wellness. I didn’t truly appreciate what that meant until about eight years ago. I did a scan of my life and realized I had developed some pretty unhealthy habits and as a result I wasn’t living my best life.
As a trained social worker, with 18 years in the field, I had a good understanding of where I needed to start. I found my way to Zumba (who doesn’t get an immediate shot of happy when they’re dancing) and I focused on eating better. I started teaching group fitness classes and became a personal trainer too! What I really learned is that health and wellness takes patience, consistency, and perseverance.

I am looking forward to helping my colleagues find their path, dig deep to stay consistent, and keeping their eye on the big prize HAPPINESS.

By finding my wellness sweet spot I am actively enjoying my family more and I’m trying all types of new adventures like half marathons, trails races, and obstacle course races, life is good if you’re willing to commit to yourself.